Paul Megens


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'Lola has a voice like a ship's horn'

'You'll know it when you see me'

'dreaming of spring'

'i love it when they come and i love it as they're gone'

'strange things in the sky...'

'no time for you'

'uncle ork. sort of.'


'blue man'

'thinking of...'

'zijn het geen worstebroodjes, dan zijn het wel bossebollen'

'Good news in the stars for 2023. If people wake up'

'how much was your haircut ?'

'it's good to have a strong woman behind you'

'Mimi the mermaid'

'don't hold on to 2022'

'Your pet's year's eve'


'corrupt judges in orange banana land'

'grandma's new lover'

'You're a man, or a woman. That's it'

'a blush'

'This year i'm gonna love you even more'

'Nefertutti wanted to be a stewardess'

'The sultan's new hat'


'wish you were here'


'No farmers = no food. No politicians = no war.'

'Pet love'

'The former party animal'

'Did i hear you say 'spinach tonight' ?

'rimpled but i love her'

Paul Megens
Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands