Paul Megens


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'The GOAT'

'The out-of-body-nostril experience'

'You don't tell me what to do'

'Sad news and trying to look brave'

'Jenny is three. But almost four'

'The noo shampoo'

'Contemplating a sandwich'

'I saw it in a dream'

'7ties man'

'There's no place like home, with you !'

'Mama was a wrestler'

'Happy day'



'No day off for the sun toaday'

'He's ill, ( the big ear disease ) but nobody knows'

'Le old ippie'

'I love to see you laugh'

'The Shanghai chef'

'Hank the heron on his hat'

'He hurt me, but i mis him'

'His hair screamed 'i'm gay !''

'dreaming of spring'

'i love it when they come and i love it as they're gone'

'Dolores in younger days'

'thinking of...'

'zijn het geen worstebroodjes, dan zijn het wel bossebollen'

'Mimi the mermaid'

'how much was your haircut ?'

'The cat ran away'

'grandma's new lover'

'You're a man, or a woman. That's it'

'a blush'

'This year i'm gonna love you even more'


'Pet love'

'The former party animal'

'Did i hear you say 'spinach tonight' ?

'Le french fisherman'

'Nefertutti wanted to be a stewardess'

'The rubble donater'

'Mama is in heaven'

'is heaven above or below ?'

'He loves his yellow wig'

'Do you wanna marry me ?' 'Mwah...guess not'

'no time for you'

'Small things can make me happy'

'She looked bad. She had suffered a lot'

'The sea cheers him up'

'strange things in the sky...'

'Your pet's year's eve'


Paul Megens
Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands