Paul Megens


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'2d3d, geometric shapes'
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'You're living on a spinning ball with curved water. If you don't believe that, you're a conspiracy theorist'

'The cube that wanted to change'

'stalagmites and stalagtites'


'The odd waffle iron'

'The milk man'

'Who put the ball in ?'

'The chain in the circle'

'The midnight thing'

'A Wembley final'

'Probably upside down'

'Something with the ocean'

'In the pond'


'TV in the tub'

'Growing apart, but not'

'Drifting into a new life'

'The window in your soul'

'They lie about everything'

'When we met, lightning struck'

'Do you live on a spinning ball with curved water ?
I don't'

'De sigaar uit eigen doos'

'Opposites attract'

Paul Megens
Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands